Quickly and easily optimize sites exported with Webflow.

Welcome to Boltflow! 👋🏽
👨🏻‍💻A simple tool to quickly and easily optimize sites exported with Webflow.
🚀Specifically built for Webflow and powered by Grunt, boltflow is designed with simplicity and scalability in mind.
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This is so needed
Hey @itsthisjustin sorry a bit slow on replying to this, got sick after launch 😅 But thanks so much for the kind feedback, really appreciate it. Feel free to take a look at the public roadmap on Trello and submit any feature requests you might have.
Hey 👋 Product Hunt! I built this thing called for myself, but wanted to make it public to see if others could benefit from it too. 🤔Problem I use Webflow everyday at work and for personal projects and it has a great set of built in features to optimize your websites, However, with exported sites these features are unfortunately lost. So what did I want? I wanted a quick and easy way to optimize my exported Webflow websites without a huge technical overhead. 🛠Solution So to scratch my own itch, I began learning about the Grunt task runner which would help me 'get back' the optimization features built into the Webflow platform. After some trial and error, I managed to do that 💪 I thought others might benefit from what I built, so decided to launch it as a mini project with some easy to follow instructions 🚀
@kierglover1 great idea. Only problem for me is that I am not technical, so the product as is isn't usable for me. Any plans for a GUI for this?
Hey @jcwinter, thanks so much for checking out Boltflow 😊Yes, indeed that is something I have in my backlog and I think it would be an awesome addition. However, in the shorter-term I plan on adding a getting started video which will hopefully help make Boltflow even more accessible 😊