Bolt Riley, A Reggae Adventure

Point + click adventure from the creators of Quest for Glory

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Oded Sharon
CEO, Corbomite Games
Hey Hunter! I'm Oded Sharon, I made this game independently. I've started working on this game in 2011, and it's been a long road. We have almost gone through bankruptcy, we went to Kickstarter, failed, then went to Kickstarter again with a different offer and succeeded two years ago and I've been doing most of the work on it myself in the past two years. Bolt Riley is a classic 2D point and click Jamaican Reggae adventure game where you play as Bolt Riley, a poor boy from Trenchtown, Jamaica, on his pathway to stardom. The game features hand drawn art, original Reggae soundtrack, and professional voice acting. And...We launched on 4/20 at 4:20AM PDT. My goal all the time was to create the highest quality game i could with the very limited budget I had. But I'm very happy from the results. This is our game's trailer And this is one of our gameplay videos. I'm sure a lot of you entrepreneurs out there could learn a lot about our journey, and I'd love to answer any questions about the game or our development process. I'm happy to answer questions here, or on Twitter as @soundguy or @BoltRiley Also I have a bunch of free press copies giveaways for reviews, I would love to offer them to product hunters who are interested in playing the game and submit an unbiased honest review later on. I'm using a system called Distribute(), so feel free to apply there and let me know either here or on Twitter. Preferably with a link to your publication, or steam reviews page. Thanks for making Bolt Riley the #1 game on Product Hunt today! I'm so happy! Oded