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Bolt is — believe it or not — the world’s first end-to-end product for accepting payments online. By integrating the entire stack, we allow any merchant to provide dead-simple checkout to their customers with dramatically less cost and effort. Bolt also does end-to-end payment processing and is the first to offer 100% fraud coverage.


  • Pros: 

    Fraud prevention, E2E, team!


    integration time?

    Team is incredible and this will be big if they keep going into the right direction! I have not used yet, but talked to Ryan many times and excited to try it out!

    Michael Krilivsky has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Easy of use, cost, convenience to the customer, fraud protection, very nice design.


    None that I know of.

    Just saw the product here and really wish I had an online company to that sold merchandise online as this looks so cool and functional, I'd be totally down for getting it!

    Dave Deaton has never used this product.


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Ryan BreslowMakerPro@ryanbreslow
Hi world, we’ve been working on Bolt for quite some time — almost 3 years in stealth! The goal was to not create another tool for checkout/payments/fraud, but the ultimate product to power online shopping. Would love any thoughts or feedback. What do you think can make online payments better?
Taylor Hook@hook_taylor
@ryanbreslow This is impressive. The obvious answer is less friction, higher conversions without sacrificing security.
Ryan BreslowMakerPro@ryanbreslow
@hook_taylor thank you!!
PAPro@prestonattebery · Founder + Designer at DesignCue
@ryanbreslow Do you plan to add support for cryptocurrencies? A large but important feature to tackle!
Ryan BreslowMakerPro@ryanbreslow
@prestonattebery big plans here. Not in near future, but definitely coming.
PAPro@prestonattebery · Founder + Designer at DesignCue
@ryanbreslow Good to hear. Aside, how many of the Bolt features will be built out without having to use code? Ideally, I'd love to build a @weblfow site and use Bolt to capture payments.
Alain Meier@alain · CEO, Cognito
The design of the lander looks great, excited to see this launch publicly!
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
I would like to understand why this is different from Stripe Checkout
Ryan BreslowMakerPro@ryanbreslow
@orliesaurus that's more of a lightweight way of collecting a credit card vs. this which is a robust enterprise-ready platform. Tax/shipping/discounts/platform-integrations. Plus the Bolt unique benefit of zero fraud guaranteed. Stripe is made more for developers. While also built to be super developer friendly, this is built for retailers / ecomm companies first and foremost.
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
@ryanbreslow Great answer, can you speak more of your "zero fraud guarantee" ? - Is this something you built using machine learning etc, in house or are you leveraging an outside service to guarantee this promise of fraud? - Is the fraud system "elastic"? Can I choose the amount of protection I want or is it the same for everyone? - Do you offer any testing/demo-integration? - Does it integrate with Apple Pay / Google Pay, or do you have plans? (Asking because you mention made for mobile) I'm very interested in checkouts/payments hence the multiple questions. Appreciate any answer!
Ryan BreslowMakerPro@ryanbreslow
@orliesaurus our fraud detection is, at least based off our benchmarked case studies thus far, second to none. We use machine learning heavily, ingesting hundreds of different features (variables), detecting patterns, and pinpointing good vs bad customers. It is 100% in-house and our own technology that we've been building in stealth for the last 3 years. You cannot choose the amount of protection you want: we are by default very aggressive on approving orders. We also have multiple layers to ensure this: 1. Our algorithmic layer, which is designed to lean heavily on accepting good customers (vs. blocking fraud) 2. Anything that looks like we're about to block, we don't block algorithmically. We have an in-house review team that scours the txn for additional data so as to find more reasons why to approve the order. 3. You have a "force approve" button / API to override any rejection we make. You take the liability here. Everyone approves more orders with Bolt. Also - Yes, we have a sandbox for testing - Apple Pay / Google Pay is coming very soon Thanks for all the questions and don't hesitate if you have any more!
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
@ryanbreslow cheers mate - good answers!
Kevin Moore@kevrmoore · Capitalist
Wow, wow, wow!
Alexandr WangHiring@alexandrw · Cofounder/CEO at Scale API
Congrats on the launch—looks incredible & solving customer pain