Bolt CM

Sophisticated, lightweight and simple CMS written in PHP

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1 Review5.0/5
Bolt is the best CMS I have ever used! With its concept of Contenttypes you are no longer locked in Posts and Pages and can create almost everything you want. And with its "Do it as extension" principle you'll get a very clean CMS which can be extended with easy-to-write extensions. Bolt has also an awesome and funny community which is always happy to help newcomers with they first steps into the CMS. You can join the community in the forum on and the Slack channel on
Great CMS! Really good at bootstrapping websites in no time as well to create larger websites. The main thing I like about the CMS is that it's so flexible. The support in the Slack channel is great as well! 👍🏼🔥🔥
@guidsen The people, living in that channel really are the best.
Highly recommended! I've used it for our own website as well as a few client sites. Love the flexibility of creating just the content types and fields you actually need! It's also lightweight and fast.
Used it for a project a few months ago and planning to use it for future projects that require a CMS. Full front-end control and flexible but powerful backend.
Love open source and new CMS for PHP! congrats all is good and thats why the PHP community is soooo big! Its a pity that still works on PHP 5.3....we should force users therefore hosting companies to update to newer and updated versions of PHP. For security issues mostly but many more reasons.
@deambulando Hey Chema, yes the 2.2.x version still works on PHP 5.3 (but not all extensions). The required PHP version will be higher with the upcoming Bolt 3 release.
@deambulando Version 3.2 requires PHP 5.5.9 or later and it works flawlessly with the latest PHP 7.1