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Josh Soldiers
  • Pros: 

    The cases look cool


    They have yet to fufill my order

    Nearly two months after placing my order, I have yet to receive my case. A few weeks after ordering, I reached out to their help/customer service and got a response after a few days saying my case was shipping soon. A few weeks went by, still nothing, I reached out again and got a response after a few days saying they "resolved my shipping issue". Another couple weeks have gone by since then and now I am getting no response about my order or my inquiry about getting a refund.

    Josh Soldiers has never used this product.
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Jack Kim
Jack KimMaker@jack7kim · Founder @ Ember Labs
Bolt cases are high-quality, ultra-thin cases that transform your iPhone into bold new colors! It snaps on perfectly and protects your iPhone from minor scuffs and everyday wear and tear. You'd be surprised just how different your iPhone looks with a Bolt case on it. And since it's so thin, most people don't realize that there's a case on it. It legitimately looks like a custom-made, colored iPhone. We're offering free shipping and 30% off for our launch - snag one while supplies last!
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts@ryan_roberts1 · Web Developer
@jack7kim How does the black iPhone 7 Plus look with the various colours?
Matty@southallmatty · Developer
@jack7kim "$26.83" including shipping to the UK :(
Steve Farrugia
Steve Farrugia@stevefarrugia · Product Manager, Ongosa
@jack7kim @southallmatty Gah 😣 I was ready to order...
Sam Cholera
Sam Cholera@sam_cholera · Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
@jack7kim @southallmatty including shipping. I'd say that's a good price for a case. About £22, let's say £8 of that is delivery, £14 for a case, top stuff I think.
Joon Kee Park
Joon Kee Park@joon_kee_park · Student @Stanford, Operations @Anyfi
congrats on the launch @jack7kim ! I've been using the black and transparent cases on my matte black iphone 7 and I've really liked them so far! My friends think the black one looks super cool and no one even notices the transparent one haha Didn't think they would be that protective but they've saved my phone from a couple clumsy drops. I'll be looking forward to getting some more in different colors! :)
Jack Kim
Jack KimMaker@jack7kim · Founder @ Ember Labs
@joon_kee_park Thanks man! Glad you're liking your case
Joon Kee Park
Joon Kee Park@joon_kee_park · Student @Stanford, Operations @Anyfi
@jack7kim I've used a lot of different cases for my iphones (5s, 6s, 7) but never have had one this thin. Love having less bulk in my pocket 😄
nikk wong
nikk wong@nikk_wong ·
@jack7kim @joon_kee_park Wow! This looks like something I would definitely want to buy!
Joon Kee Park
Joon Kee Park@joon_kee_park · Student @Stanford, Operations @Anyfi
@nikkw0ng ya would def v recommend
Tesh N
Tesh N@teshn · Chicago, IL
I would get this, but color selection is pretty bad. Could use more pastel colors, in addition to these bright/loud colors.
Alan Cassinelli
Alan Cassinelli@alancassinelli · Director of Marketing at Need/Want
@teshn check out - we were the first company to make super thin, branding-free cases 😀
Mark Osborne
Mark Osborne@mposborne · Co-founder and CEO @
@alancassinelli any chance of more colour ways for iPhone 7 plus? Would love to see the explorer edition for 7
Bryan Goldberg
Bryan Goldberg@bryangoldberg · Entrepreneur
@alancassinelli love peel, I have the clear one that got stretched too much thats about run it's course, waiting for that google pixel blue!
Daniel Greenberg
Daniel GreenbergMakerPro@15greenberg · Making weird internet
Hey Product Hunters!
Faisal Hassan
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
@15greenberg How long is delivery to the US?
John Proksch-Whaley
John Proksch-Whaley@johnrwhaley · Hardware & Digital Designer
Looks like these cases don't have a lip to protect the phone if it's dropped face-down. :/ That's the problem with most "ultra-thin" cases...