World's smallest combination battery backup & wall charger

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wow this looks cool! @rrhoover, is there a producthunt collection of startups solving the battery life problem?
@suneelius no but perhaps we should create one. Check out Doblet (cc @doktorgurson), Batterybox, and NomadPlus.
@suneelius @rrhoover Love all these products that keep us charged on the go! StrongVolt is a durable solar charger that's a must have for the outdoor crews!
Important note: the new iPhone 6 & 6+ support 2.1 amp charging (offered by larger iPad cube) vs. the stock 1amp charging cube. This means if you use a 2.1amp charging cube, it can charge much, much faster. Currently (no pun intended) my iPhone 6 is charging twice as fast. nnThe Bolt is 1amp. So you may want to look for 2.1amp solution. nn
@rstephens, That's actually not true. I can't speak for the iPhone 6 plus, but the regular iPhone 6 still pulls 1A.
@fluxmobjz Appears to be unresolved as this shows a 2.1amp draw
Love the concept. Looks like its perfect to take on travel (when a day's charge is never enough). Not sure I love the harsh corners though. I think I like this form factor a bit better:
I had a belkin version of this for my iPhone4, where the backup was also removable and plugged into the phone. This looks like the best replacement for that.