Peer-to-peer texting at scale for campaigns + organizations

Bolster is a platform that enables organizations and campaigns to quickly and easily create peer-to-peer texting campaigns. Managers of campaigns can manage templated outreach and reply messages along with analytics to ensure your message is getting across.

98% of text messages are read versus less than 20% of emails.

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Hey guys! Let me know what you think about Bolster and if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them!
@kevinleehenry your website keeps timing out. looks like your traffic has overloaded your server.
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@jamie_ross Thanks! Working on fixing now.
@jamie_ross Fixed! You should be able to access the site here:
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What a great idea and response to the Left!


An incredible idea for Conservative politicians everywhere!


N/A. Great product!

Ugh. I got so many of these texts during the SF election campaign. Awful. My read rate for SMSes is definitely declining as a result. It's becoming just another inbox that needs to be defended against spammy stuff like this. I hope this is different -- what does it mean to be "compliant"?