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From one of the smartest guys in the PR business - @richardkain. He built this after years of frustration with the tools built for Comm teams.
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We use Bolo at Betterment and are very pleased with what it delivers.
Thanks Derek. Bolo is built to combine three functions PR people normally do a lot of CTRL-C/-Vs between: search engines, contact databases, and internal workflow tools. A lot of functionality is designed for agencies, but with our concentration in tech & gaming contacts a lot of the start ups here should find value for their own PR efforts in the free trial. Happy to answer any questions let me know what you think!
We use Bolo for all of our mobile game launches and it continues to impress with its depth of information and also live updates as you run campaigns. Highly recommended and a steal at the current cost.
I was actually impressed with the contacts outside of tech & gaming. Looking forward to trying it out a bit more.
@hueypriest thanks - the political writer coverage is pretty decent, and working to get better in health care & entertainment. Right now having to pick our battles but let us know what you'd like to see!