Learn how to absolutely ROCK your next job interview.

Boldvue is a free app that helps you master the job interview and get your dream job! Our app teaches you how to answer interview questions and gives you a platform to practice interviewing with classmates, peers, mentors or friends.
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Hi Hunters! I'm Edgar Cheney, cofounder of Boldvue, a free app that helps you rock your job interview! It gives you step by step instructions on answering common interview questions. It then lets you record yourself answering interview questions and share your videos with friends to get feedback. It also allows you to create private groups for classmates or peers so you can give each other feedback and get better together (students and teachers love using Boldvue). Years ago, I went through a difficult career switch from HR to Product Management. I knew I could be a great PM and was getting lots of job interviews, but no job offers. It wasn't until I spent hours practicing answering interview questions that I finally got into my dream career. Seven years later, I've had a successful PM career and I absolutely love what I do. That experience taught me the job interview is the key to doing what you love. You can have the perfect resume and experience, but if you don't nail the interview you aren't getting the job. It is therefore crucial that you do all you can to perfect your interviewing skills. And to make it easier for people to do this, we built Boldvue! Our app gives people the tools they need to perfect their job interview skills and get their dream job. We've been beta testing with hundreds of college/high school students and we are ready to make our app accessible to everyone. We know our app will be helpful to the many without employment right now. If you're preparing for an interview - use our app. Everything on the app is free to use! Once you try it out, let us know what you think! (BTW, Premium features, such as interview coaching from nearby professionals and instructions on answering interview questions for specific roles coming soon).
Is this a mobile app?
@zander_laurent We built Boldvue as a responsive web app so it works great on either your desktop or mobile device. Just use your favorite browser!
Great job! Feel like a lot of people could use this given the recent market
@nathannenga Thanks Nathan! Yes, we were planning on adding a ton more features, but we felt it would be best to get this out as soon as we could to see if we could help out as many people as possible during this difficult time. We wish we could do more.
The crowd sourced feedback is really helpful
@david_hunt2 Yes! We have been testing this out with hundreds of users and what we've learned is that most people feel they can interview well. The reality however is that only a very small percentage of people can. By getting peer feedback, or sharing your interview answers with friends, mentors, or even the community, you can get a greater sense of your true ability. In the future, we want to make it easy for people to get feedback from professionals in their industry. So if you are preparing for a UX interview, you will have the ability to get local UX professionals to give you feedback for a fee. This will give professionals a chance to coach others and make money, while helping job seekers get jobs!
Have you been rejected for a job you knew you could do, simply because you messed up an interview?
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