Bold Metrics

SaaS metrics calculator for marketers and product managers

Bold Metrics is a simple calculator based in a hand-picked selection of SaaS metrics. It helps you to do the math or simply understand what's behind the calculation, from the popular CAC and churn to Viral Coefficient and Cash Runway.
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Congrats on the launch, looking great!! So how does this work exactly? Is the input added manually or can be linked to other tools like Google Analytics to extract data and numbers and have it ready in the app?
@rihab_zd thanks! In this first release we focused on the simplest approach possible. it's a calculator that demands just the input of variables to provide a result. We plan to deliver some features like data import/export, social benchmark (comparing your results with the results of other users/companies), calculation history, and many other. Now, we plan to build the best selection of metrics based on users feedback. By the way, what's your shortlist of SaaS Metrics?

Reminds me the unit economic lecture, when we pissed off our teacher because we didn't properly calculate anything even the easiest metric. Just because we got confused XD So the app is really useful) Thanks!


- all metrics in one place; - you'll not mistake in formula (which is possible even with familiar metrics)


- only mobile app, while you doing reporting on a laptop

Thanks for your comments, @anna_miz Did you miss any specific metric?
Hello Hunters! It’s a pleasure to be featured in Product Hunt! We’d love to hear the community about which metrics we are missing in this release. The idea is to keep updating the app with all relevant KPIs we may find.
I wonder how the people at Bold Metrics feel about this app. Have you spoken to them?
@arlogilbert actually we didn't know them until today. As we are based in Brazil and Bold Metrics is just the name of a product, not a company, I don't believe it may be an issue. The name of our company (Bemind), for example, is used by other "Beminds" :)