Bold Calendar

An inspirational task manager and calendar

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..."6 Thing" I will do today?
@goldstrom Thanks. This is a grammar lesson I will not forget :D
I love this so much! Simple, beautiful, so straight forward and action oriented. In a word, YAS. Disclaimer, the inclusion of Yoda with the Bold Calendar in the gallery did help win my heart.
I like the implied reference to "do or do not; there is no try."
$39 plus $16 for shipping?! That's ridiculous.
Thanks, @aneta21 we are sending from Istanbul, that's why shipping price can be a bit expensive. except that one. How much bold calendar's price could be? You have come to check out. This is very valuable to us. I want to know your thoughts.
I think this is the closest moment, I can get to the feelings of an actor who won an Oscar. Thanks, everyone. Especially Ria, who agreed to hunt us. Yeah, I sent her an e-mail with the title "Could you hunt us". I am fortunate that the mail did not go to spam after this title. We made Bold Calendars because we still thinking that pencil and paper are the best application for the task manager. Why we limited daily tasks with 6 things. Because an amount that can be completed in a day. And too much for underestimating. Thanks