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Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
Hi. I'm Lu, a maker of BOLD — a sketchbook that teaches people visual thinking. There are two parts of the learning process with BOLD. A physical part is a premium handmade sketchbook that comes in 2 dimensions and 4 styles. The second part is digital. It’s a 10-lesson email course you will receive twice a week. Once you’ve got your sketchbook, you will start receiving emails with short lessons about visual thinking for business. Enjoy our course and use new skills as a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate. Looking for comments, questions, feedback. Help us understand our mistakes or strong sides.
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Akshay Patel@mrakshaypatel · Product Manager
Ordered. Excited to try this out. Definitely think the site would benefit from a video featuring part of a lesson and maybe some customer success stories of how they applied the teachings.
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
@mrakshaypatel awesome. We are going to shoot another video.
CurlySafia@curlysafia · Social Media Manager, Your Brand Voice
I personally have been interested in sketching. I love that I can have a class along with purchasing the book. Looking forward to my purchase! :)
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
@curlysafia nive to see you like the idea of two-parts project 😄
CurlySafia@curlysafia · Social Media Manager, Your Brand Voice
@lumilevskyi How long does shipping take?
Andy Gor@deleted-189768 · Founder of Oherald.me
Hello @curlysafia. Standard shipping time — up to 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay, your sketchbook is on the way :) @lumilevskyi
CurlySafia@curlysafia · Social Media Manager, Your Brand Voice
@andygorezkyi @lumilevskyi Thank you!
Pretty neat pairing of physical & digital goods. I think this is a great model for many current and future businesses.
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
@hameto_ you read my minds 🙋
Andy Gor@deleted-189768 · Founder of Oherald.me
@lumilevskyi @hameto_ awesome. Just like i pitched you 🙌
Mubashar Iqbal
@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year.
I carry around a notebook all the time, my stack of used Moleskine notebooks shows that I use them a lot. Although I'm a loyal Moleskine user, when @andygorezkyi told me about his new product I ordered one right away. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this and taking the course to make even better use of my notebooks.
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
Hey @mubashariqbal, thanks for the hunt!
Harry Gardiner@koozai_harry · Senior Account Executive
This is a brilliant idea, and the sketchbooks look great! Definitely investing in one.
Lu Milevskyi@lumilevskyi
@koozai_harry thanks for support!