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Hello again! πŸ‘‹ First, thank you so much to everyone that supported our launch of IO last week ( We can't wait to build more features for you! Today we're opening up signups and officially launching **Bold**: An internal blog for your team. ✍️ You might be asking: Why does my company need an internal blog and what is the difference between Bold and other products like Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Notion, etc? Great question. 😏 We love real-time collaboration products like those mentioned above and believe they are useful for many use cases. Yet, we realized that a simple ownership model is best when it comes to sharing ideas and domain knowledge within an organization. Over time, this will build an archive of progress available to everyone on your team. Slack is the fastest way to communicate with your team, while Bold is the most thoughtful way. To that end, we've integrated deeply with Slack to make adopting Bold effortless. Head over to to try out a free trial with your team and keep the feedback coming, we're listening! Note: IO and Bold are powered by the same underlying technology stack, but serve different audiences. We will continue to work hard to improve both for our readers and writers. Thank you! πŸ‘Š (some more info:
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@davidbyttow Congrats David. I am excited to see how this product plays out. When I used it for the first time, I was very impressed by how novel the concept of ambience music and assistants in a publishing product. There is no doubt that this product will get compared with Medium for personal usage and Docs/Dropbox/Slack Notes for internal company communications. But, given your track record and what I know about how you think about products from your blog, I am sure you have already foreseen all those comparisons and have already incorporated that in your roadmap. After all, both Slack & Medium succeeded despite the presence of strong players and existing behaviors in their respective spaces.
@sarthakgh have you not tried Ommwriter?
@chrismessina @sarthakgh Ommwriter is indeed cool!
@chrismessina Nope. Hadn't heard of it before. Will do once I am done with my tests. Thanks.
@davidbyttow second link in blog post is broken
We've been using for the past two months here at Pusher for internal communications. We use for cross-department communications such as weekly team updates but also for team communication with project report & retrospectives. It has been a great tool so far. A lot better than the clunky Confluence Blog system πŸ‘
@copypastaa thank you guys so much!! It's a honor to serve. πŸ™
Two quick points/questions. How much does it cost? Free trials are pointless if a service costs something that we'd never pay for. And does signing up with Slack notify the team at all? I'd love to be able to play around with this before the need to signup, as I'm not sure it's something we'd use just yet. Thanks! Beautiful landing page.
@traf agreed. seeing the price helps me decide whether its worth my time to try it out.
@traf Hey James, appreciate the kind words! Bold Pro is $5/user a month. You're absolutely right that the pricing should be explicit; we're working to remedy that right now. In the meantime, feel free to sign upβ€”we won't ask for a CC upfront or notify your team (promise).
@sirbenlee Appreciate it!
@jeffrey_wyman @traf thanks for surfacing this! we really appreciate it. πŸ™
Congrats on the launch David, Ben, and Jim! For all the product builders out here, how do you think about launching/building two separate products at the same time - what are you testing / what are the biggest KPIs ?
@eriktorenberg thanks for the kind words! Even though the use cases are different, the products share the same core technology. The intent is to explore which aspects are the most useful, and take our learnings to continue to improve on our offering. At the end of the day like most creators, we love building what people need/want. We get good metrics such as # of posts made, company sign ups, and # of co-workers joined. Most company specific behaviors are more opaque because we can't reach into each company for specifics, but we feel bullish that people will jump on our Slack community and share all of the needs, wants and desires they may have.
This is very neat! We just spun up a forked/private instance of Hashrocket's TIL project and it's been pretty fun so far for internal knowledge sharing and quick tips. I love the idea of internal collab in different ways than wikis.
@stelly_ryan thanks for the kind words Ryan!