Turn your text and photos into engaging social media images

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Thanks for posting @bramk! The initial idea behind Bold is simple. I saw so many branding posts with an engaging cover picture in the timeline of social networks. And the updates from my friends, which I really care about, are hardly to see. So I decided to develop this App, that everybody can use to easily turn their text and photos into engaging social media images. In this way, we can make our text sticks out of the branding posts. And it is also a different way to communicate through existing social networks. There are many apps that can add text overlay on the photos. But Bold is different. Bold focus on the text instead of photos. You can easily use Bold to make a stunning typographic image with text and colors in only a few taps. Of course, you can add the photo as a background too. We have also redesigned the workflow to compose the text and apply text formatting. Our algorithm behind that ensures Bold to give you an intuitive and distraction free text composing and formatting experience. The biggest difference is that Bold has no In-App-Purchase. Which is the biggest improvement of user experience I think. : ) Bold is still young. Our goal is to make our users feel happy to use it and be one of the best on the market. It should be the simplest App to make engaging social media images. And It will offer the users unlimited possibilities to finish their artwork. We are a team of two people and Bold is our new adventure. We have the passion for making Bold better day by day. And your feedback is hugely important for us. Please let us know what you think about Bold! Thanks :)
@yuanhao like the idea for simple digital marketing. Is App Store link in your site broken?
@eddiedaroza Thanks. I double checked the link again and I have no problem with it. Can you open this one
Bold is an app that makes your text and photos automatically into beautiful typographic images. It’s the simplest way to create engaging social media images. I love the simplicity of this! @yuanhao can tell us more about it! :) Some examples:
Looks good. Sent it to a friend who does social media for a webshop / community. :)
Great idea, everyone's always wondering how are people adding text and so on to their Instagram uploads. Goodluck!
@laurent_sabbah thanks. Or how to make an engaging long tweet. : )
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@fbara It's from the physicist Paul A.M. Dirac, winner of the 1933 Nobel Prize. He was speaking of the far reaching effects of gravity fields. We, our cars, our flowers, our brains, and everything around us have gravity fields emanating outward from every atom in our bodies, extending to far reaches, crossing and intermingling with other gravity fields from other bodies not only here on earth but out to the farthest star. So to keep safe of our universe, please don't even think about picking flowers. : )