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Bokksu is a premium Japanese snack and tea subscription box that takes you on a gourmet journey through Japan each month. Each box includes an assortment of snacks and teas curated around a cultural theme as well as a Tasting Guide that explains the stories and flavors behind each item. Best of all, shipping is free on all subscriptions worldwide!

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Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community + Social at Product Hunt
Well designed! @dannytaing 🙌 It'd be really nice if you could include like a manual of sorts describing each item in the box so we know what we're eating 🤗
Danny Taing
Danny TaingMaker@dannytaing · Founder @Bokksu
@amrith Thank you very much! We do include a Tasting Guide each month that explains the stories and flavors of each item in the box. It's the tri-fold card you see in the video when we first open the box :)
Haoyang Feng
Haoyang Feng@haoyangnz · CTO @
This is so cool! And the fact that there’s international shipping is just awesome.
Danny Taing
Danny TaingMaker@dannytaing · Founder @Bokksu
@haoyangnz We actually used to pack the boxes ourselves in the US (which limited our shipping scope), but after we got big enough, we upgraded our shipping logistics to ship directly from Japan, which allows us to now ship worldwide for free!
Danny Taing
Danny TaingMaker@dannytaing · Founder @Bokksu
Hey PHers! I'm Danny, the founder of Bokksu and first-time lister on Product Hunt. Thanks for the support and positive feedback so far! I lived in Japan for 4 years and loved to eat as many regional specialty snacks as I could find. After moving back to NYC, I had a really hard time finding those same snacks, so I started directly contacting snack producers in Japan, which led me to launching Bokksu a few months later! We're the only subscription box that has developed direct relationships with over 50 snack producers throughout Japan. By sourcing directly from small-batch snack makers, we are able to include premium, authentic snacks and teas that can only be found in Japan. I'd love to hear any questions or feedback you may have to help improve our service!
Mark B.
Mark B.@sbmarkb · Product Manager, CJ Affiliate
This one gets the upvote for three reasons: 1) I already know how tasty those treats are, 2) it will save me from the shame of stocking up at the local market too frequently, 3) the marketing is genius. Seriously, really great job on this.
Danny Taing
Danny TaingMaker@dannytaing · Founder @Bokksu
@sbmarkb Thanks for the great feedback! You pretty much hit on all the points we're trying to solve. One extra note though is that many of our snacks can't even be found at local markets as we are the sole online retailer for most of our snack producers in Japan.
Kartik Sathappan
Kartik Sathappan@kartikcooks · Product Manager / Angel Investor
No discount for PHers? C’mon! It’s okay, I just ordered my first box 😉
Danny Taing
Danny TaingMaker@dannytaing · Founder @Bokksu
@kartikcooks Thank you Kartik. Welcome to the Bokksu Family! :)