Customize your keyboard with your most used phrases

Bokhary is a mobile app, it is a phrases keyboard, it is like Apple 'Text Replacement', but Bokhary has more plus advantages, like it save the shortcus as keyboard keys, so you don't need to memorize them, Bokhary also has more forms to create your phrases.
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Elsayed Hussein
iOS Developer
Hi Guys, this is Elsayed iOS developer, Bokhary app maker. Recently I published Bokhary app, it is a phrases keyboard app it is like Apple 'Text Replacement' feature, But Bokhary has more plus advantages, like it save the shortcuts as keys of keyboard, so you won't need to memorize them 😉. Bokhary also has different forms to save you phrase like signup, bank card, and address forms. Also you can categorize phrases by folder and save them inside that folder. I hope Bokhary will help to increase your productivity. It is just beginning, I have more feature for Bokhary in coming releases. Please if you have any feedback about any thing in Bokhary, it will be most welcome. Thanks.