Bokeh Life

Fine hats for fine people.

Dropbox, Instagram, Gowalla designer @maxvoltar launches a lifestyle brand for the photography minded. Hats are dope.
Hey everyone! Bokeh Life is a side project my wife and I launched late last week. I've always been a fan of combining things that shouldn't be combined. Once tried to mix tomatoes and coconut to make spaghetti sauce, that didn't really work out. With Bokeh Life, we're combining 90's punk/hardcore/skateboarding with... photography. It started 9 months ago when I ordered a prototype on, and turned into this idea to start a brand. The hats are all made from Merino wool (suuuuper comfy), and are $45 (taxes included because I like simple numbers) + shipping. Every night my wife and I pack up all the orders that have come in that day. The hats have a bunch of details we're not showing in any of the product shots, so I guess you have to buy one :)
@maxvoltar looks freaking awesome. But I find it a bit expensive at 45$. Especially if I include shipping to Canada + exchange rate + customs, I easily get up to 100CAD for a cap :/
Interesting. What about Europe?
Love the lighting and art direction on this site. Nice work.
Will Customs be added when it arrives to Europe? I really like these, but not to be rude or anything but how about a little Product hunt discount?