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Hey guys! I just made this curated list of boilerplates (starter kits) for developers to help them start their projects! I did that in order to learn ReactJs myself :) Your feedback would be greatly appreciated if you have a bit of time! Also, don't hesitate to tell me if you want to add a boilerplate to the list!
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@juliencoulaud This is really cool Julien, I would suggest to add HTML/CSS, PHP and Wordpress sections.
@csaba_kissi Thank you so much! Yeah that's a good idea! I will add it by tomorrow!
@csaba_kissi Actually, I don't wanted to wait until tomorrow! I just added HTML, Bootstrap and Wordpress ;)
@juliencoulaud Wow! great, thanks Julien.
@juliencoulaud Do you support Git only? just because when it comes to WP plugin boilerplate this is probably the best generator out there. I use it myself.
Just added 7 new languages/technologies : - Electron - Backbone - Wordpress - Html - Bootstrap - Django - Meteor
You did this all in React? It looks pretty frickin good. I am going to have to learn React... Very Dope🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks!! Yes, all of it, but it's pretty basic React actually! I think real React devs would kill me for some parts of the code :D But it was a first project in order to learn this amazing language :)
good idea and execution. when i click on a category, it takes me to bottom of page, not sure if its a glitch on my end or the site.
@jeffrey_wyman Thanks for the compliment! However, I can't reproduce this glitch. Are you on mobile or desktop?
Hey @juliencoulaud ! Very nice project! I would suggest adding Vue.js and also Ionic 2/3. Thanks!
@gleb_surinov Thank you Gleb! I will add it to my ToDo :)