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Pedro Pinto
Pedro Pinto@pmcpinto ·
Speaking of Boiler Room, there's this tumblr blog called "Boiler Room knows what you did last night." which is really funny and addicting :)
James Hunt
James Hunt@thetwopct · Entrepreneur. Coder. Marketer. Founder.
@pmcpinto ok well that just killed a 30 minute wait 😂😂 thanks
kierandelaney@kierandelaney · Founder, Mathematics
Mixmag also run DJ Lab, streaming live DJ sets:
Michael I. Brooks
Michael I. Brooks@michaelibrooks · Community Coordinator, FGF
My friends have been LOVING Boiler Room since it's inception. Great low-key listening experience that delivers a greater level of authenticity I've felt from other related services.
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
This should be interesting — will Boiler Room take on Soundcloud for representing the underground music scene?
Bas Grasmayer
Bas GrasmayerHiring@basgras · MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE
@chrismessina Did they launch something new, or just posting as they hadn't been highlighted on PH before?
Pedro Pinto
Pedro Pinto@pmcpinto ·
@chrismessina @basgras I have the same question. Don't spot anything new on their website
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@basgras the iOS app is being featured in the App Store -- so since it hadn't been hunted (and I didn't know it existed) I decided it should be! The web site is probably the same as it's always been.
Pedro Pinto
Pedro Pinto@pmcpinto ·
@basgras @chrismessina It's a great product, specially for EDM fans. It's great to see it featured on PH
Joel Blackmore
Joel BlackmoreMaker@joelblackmore · Product Director, Turner, ex Boiler Room
@basgras @chrismessina It was a complete rebuild, redesign, of the iOS app
Valentin@valdecarpentrie · Investor & board member @ Ikigai
Techno ! 🎶