Toothbrush of the future

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I actually have this toothbrush and find myself to be quite obsessed with it. The bend in the handle does add comfort while brushing but the real star is the bristles. It is also much lighter than any other toothbrush I've had to date, great for travel.
@lanahelene Nice to hear!
OK I know i'm going to sound a bit difficult but 1. the messaging on the site is so calm and whatever other form I can't describe that it made me wonder if you wanted to sell me a toothbrush - not saying you should be pushy As Seen on TV like that's the other extreme but at least a bit more Call to Action or something ;) 2. I was intrigued, I go to the site and ALL of the ToothBrush heads are sold out :/ a bit of a FAIL... 3. I would highly recommend also having a bundle - 1 tooth brush with 3 heads or 2 toothbrushes with 4 heads or something... 4. I know you fall in the soft is better camp but I find them typically way too soft and prefer medium.. any chance that's coming down the line?
There's got to be a good reason for that bend in the arm, but I'm having trouble figuring out how that difference would feel when brushing my teeth.