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Andres Cohen
CEO, Bogglo
Hey PH! After running a successful beta test during the summer, today we're releasing Bogglo 1.0! Available on iOS, Android and Web I started Bogglo because a few months before graduating I wanted to sell my old college stuff, but every site I found was either too time consuming, too expensive, or unsafe. That was all the motivation I needed to create an essential service for college students. Bogglo is the fastest way for college students to buy and sell secondhand items safely. Buying and selling locally is subject to fraud and untrusted users. The typical scam would be: A buyer contacts a seller for a product on a classifieds site, the seller asks for payment upfront to ship the item, the item never arrives and the seller disappears. This happens every single day and there was no way to stop this until now. So how does Bogglo prevent this? Bogglo brokers every single transaction to guarantee that the buyer gets the actual advertised item and the seller gets paid in full. Bogglo's differentiating features include: 1) A negotiating system to allow users to reach a fair price 2) A pickup code which is the replacement of cash 3) And my favorite: A credit system that facilitates college students to save even more while helping us expand our safe platform. We're starting off in NYC, but stay tuned because we plan on rolling out to other major markets very soon! Hope you guys enjoy what our team has built and I look forward to your feedback. - Andres