Time tracking bot for Slack

Why do all tedious work of time-tracking when Slack can do it for you?
BoffinBot also helps you run daily standups/meetings on Slack.
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Time-tracking must be as simple as typing IN and OUT. And that is why we developed BoffinBot for Slack. Just type 'in' to clock in and 'out' to clock out. You can also add multiple projects/clients to track the time spent by your team on each of them. It also has a provision of location-based IN/OUT. You can enable the setting and the bot will clock your employee with their current geolocation. Download timesheet reports in CSV format and much more... Your feedback/suggestions will help us make it even better. Thank you :)
@arp19690 Awesome! Does it happen to integrate with any time tracking tools so that you can take the time tracked in slack and put it directly into your company tool?
Dear @leslie_heller, This is just the phase one of the product roll out. At this moment, we only support exporting the time tracked into an Excel sheet. I am afraid we do not support any integrations at this very moment, but we may very soon. :) Please do give it a try. Thanks.
@leslie_heller If you have any particular specifications, then we can make a custom development for you to integrate with your existing company tool. You can reach out to us with your custom requirements at
@boffinbot @arp19690 Okay I will do that, but i have one more question.....I just added it to my slack, and see that you can "clock" in and out, but can you specify a project you are working on or something if you work on multiple projects throughout the day?
@boffinbot @leslie_heller Thanks for email regarding your query to clock in for a particular project. I hope you were able to create projects/clients from the dashboard and clock in later. Thanks.