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#5 Product of the DayJuly 02, 2018

BoffinBot tells you the best hour to tweet on a given day. It provides you deeper analytics like the best day to tweet in a week/month. It tells you if someone whom you are following, are following you back or not? You can directly follow/unfollow them from the dashboard. Schedule your tweets and it will publish them automatically and much more...

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Hello! Interesting project(I need more statistics for my twitter :) ). I finding some bugs: 1. On the dashboard page, select dropdowns are empty. 2. On the dashboard page, graphics are empty. 3. On my follower's page, all people which showed, not follow me but it's not true.
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Dear @nikolay_siabrenko , Thank you for trying BoffinBot and informing us about the errors. The graphics on your dashboards were empty because we take some time to generate your first report and thereafter things sail smoothly. Your dashboard must be populated now. Also, we were experiencing heavy traffic at the time you were accessing your reports and hence you might have got the incomplete information about your followers. Can I request you to take a look now? I would like to get in touch with you for some more discussion, hope you don't mind. Cheers! :)
@arpitm19 When I clicked on "Twitter dashboard" I got 504 error all day :( It's problem in your code or server?
@nikolay_siabrenko it is database, DB has been really busy and due to locks on certain tables, people are experiencing 502 and 504. :( Our team is on it and it will be fixed ASAP.
i get a 502 Bad Gateway!
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@adsuisseag I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. We did not anticipated such heavy traffic on our day one, our servers were overwhelmed with the kind of positive response we got, hence you were not able to access the website. We have scaled our servers up and now you shall be able to access your dashboard without any error. Once again, apologies for the inconvenience and many thanks for giving a shot to BoffinBot. :) Cheers.
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@arpitm19 me again, i am sorry, but after Sign in - Using Twitter, i still get the 502 message
@arpitm19 @adsuisseag Seconding this--would really love to try BoffinBot out!
Interesting tool & could be very handy for marketers. But you guys should consider creating 'DEMO' & video. Just for trying out, it's very time consuming if I have to install the product. I believe, Demo will help to increase the conversion rate. @BoffinTheBot #ProductHunt
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I need this for Instagram!
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Dear @prithsr, Instagram is under development and will be launched within a month. ;) Stay tuned. Cheers!
I like it and it's got potential. Obviously it's competing with a few other established products but I think that's fine so long as you target your pricing well. There's one large annoying issue here. The most popular tweets page is including retweets when it shouldn't. It should only include tweets authored by me.
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Dear @codymccodeface , Thank you for your valuable feedback, everybody likes productive feedbacks :). We will make the necessary changes. Many thanks for using BoffinBot. Cheers!