Achieve perfect fitness form with your very own A.I. personal trainer. It's always available to provide you with instant feedback so you can learn more about your own body and feel more confident at the gym.
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My main issue with this is trust - you say it's backed by the latest "fitness science" but it'd be nice to know what that is and where you source it from. Really neat concept though and if that trust issue is solve I think you're off to a fantastic start!
Vivek Sancheti
Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
Looks interesting. Any proper app demovideo? I am android user. When can we expect the Android Version? Also will the app support Gym workout soon?
Michael Wilson
Founder & CTO, Body Time
Not everyone can afford a personal trainer. And if you're just starting to learn about fitness, you might not feel comfortable going to the gym or know if you're exercising correctly. We're trying to consolidate the information you might get from watching YouTube videos and make something that will actually adjust to your body’s fitness abilities based on what it sees. We just launched and right now it will evaluate your squat form, but we are working on adding more exercises. I hope you like it!
@hyperboloid Very interesting concept. I think that has value in other areas where movement and form is the objective. Fitness is about energy, where as Dance (for example) is about form. I'd love to talk more about what you're doing...
This is great 🙀
Susanne WilsonI work out several times a week
Great useful app