Record 36 sec podcasts

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Cool idea, makes sense! 140 characters of text, 6 seconds of video, now 36 seconds of audio...what's next, 12 seconds of video where the audio cuts out after 8 seconds and the description can only be 72 characters? :)
For real though, audio is an awesome medium for these constraints. Podcasts are great, but most are so long I have to spread them out over multiple sessions. Looking forward to seeing how this goes!
Thanks @imakestrides ! I look forward to your feedback on the product !
I recently started using the product and like it a lot. Voice is really an immersive way to share or discover a situation, cool to see a team working on this opportunity.
Sounds promising, I'll give it a try.
@theoblochet Thanks Théo ! Feel to give us some feedback !
Hi everyone, I'm one of Bobler's cofounders (ping @durdurand & @OlivierRoche1). We are a startup based in Paris and we just opened offices in NYC. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have on the product
I remember meeting @sophiehalliot in their office in Paris, FR a few months ago. Any updates since then? Would love to hear more about what you guys are currently working on. How's the team?
Thanks @ldesserrey ! We were still in beta when we met. We redesigned the product completely and improved a lot of features. I would love to have your feedback on this new version
@sophiehalliot I will, let me just put my hands on it :) I didn't know that you were in NYC. Are you living in the City now ?