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Thanks all... Happy to help you all plan a day out on the water with friends or your teams
For NYC people ever looking for a great way to spend a Saturday this summer, get a group of friends together to pitch in on boat and cruise north up the Hudson. Won't regret it
I'm very excited to give Boatbound a whirl this summer. I love being on the water but it's just not worth keeping a boat in the city.
@kris power boat but getting into sailing @blake we started in sf and the organic growth has been exciting. We're putting more and more resources into each market as we see them develop. As for no Mich I spent a summer in bay harbor so I know how big this will be there. Love any connections you have. Feel free to connect us at partners q boatbound.co
By the way. We've got a handful of positions open. Dir. Of Product, engineers, designers, customer support. $5k bonus if you refer us an engineer (or signing bonus if you are one). Free boating, great team, and ability to help chart Boatbounds future. Tweet at me or @boatbound if interested.