The fastest way to get feedback & reviews from customers

Boastable is a fun, simple way for businesses to capture feedback and reviews with just one text. With a unique swiping feature, customers will easily be able to leave feedback and help businesses boost their reviews online!

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Hi, I’m Tim Cason 👋, one of the Founders of Boastable! We are all actually part of a software development shop called Fueled on Bacon (@fueledonbacon). In just 6 weeks, we created a concept, a tech build, branding, marketing, functionality, and a full promotional plan for a product... We are happy to announce the launch of our first product — Boastable. We started Boastable because our team agreed that feedback surveys for businesses were boring, and not worth the effort. But as a business ourselves, we also know how important customer feedback is to all businesses. So we built a feedback and review tool that was both simple for businesses to manage, and fun🔥 for the customer to use! Today, we are proud to introduce to you Boastable 🙌, an all inclusive tool that allows businesses to send text messages to their customers to fill out custom feedback surveys and leave reviews online. Here's some features Boastable is best used for: - Text Message Your Customers - Ask Questions to Help Grow Your Business - Get Answers in Real Time - Easily Collect Customer Reviews on Google and Yelp - Monitor Customer Completion - Unique Swipe Feature for Leaving Feedback Feel free to contact us directly via email for feedback - For more information: Check out our Instagram for - @getboastable Check out our Instagram for - @fueledonbacon Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Boastable! Our team is here to answer any and all questions you may have!
Hi there! Nick here with Boastable! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at! Also be sure to check out our social media accounts for all updates @getboastable !
Similar to Birdeye, but looks like it's US only? Would've been cool if you supported international businesses as well. Just take out the texting part and do the email instead? Went all the way through signup only to hit a wall at the country/zipcode 😕Plus, why are you better than folks like Birdeye?
@robin_singhvi Similar to birdeye, but much less of a commitment and more of a growth hacking and information tools in its current state. That is a great idea on making it international by removing the text messaging feature. It was a blocker to us releasing the product international, we weren't sure that people would still be interested in the product without the core sms feature. We will put that in docket for next features to release. Drop you contact, or message and we will ping you in the next couple weeks with updates on that release.
@robin_singhvi Interesting. We are starting with just the continental US for simplicity sake. But we may very make the phone number and billing logic more flexible and make it international soon. I agree that that's a good direction.
@getboastble @timcason1 Email sent! Would definitely be interested in using the tool to get Google reviews and also to identify issues/ pain points that customers might have. Thanks!
@getboastble @timcason1 @robin_singhvi Hey Robin! Got your email and responded 🔥 talk soon!
Congratulations guys! Looks like an amazing new tool for customer engagement and feedback.
@goforwes Thanks Wes! Stoked to have your support!
Hey guys! I was the Project Manager for Boastable for our 6 week build schedule. It was intense but amazing! And now we're all so excited to be part of something that has such potential. I wore my lucky bacon socks for the launch today, so I'm hoping we can reach a lot of people!
@bj_oswalt Glad to have the juju of your lucky socks!