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Hi all, we are thrilled to share with you. The idea to build a tool to visualize marketing strategy and to align goals, has been floating around in our heads for a while. In numerous marketing projects we have experienced how difficult it can be to set clear goals, translate goals to tasks, monitor progress and show how activities contribute to company success. With Boardview it has just become a lot easier. Boardview enables marketers to connect vision to action in one single, easy digestible overview. Strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. A wide variety of people across multiple industries are using Boardview to: - Visualize Strategy - Manage Growth - Prioritize Goals - Track tasks - Measure ROI We hope you like it. Let us know what you think.
@romekjansen Cool idea. Would be nice to have some goal templates/suggestions to help get users started. Good luck!
@ka23a Hi Kristin, you read our minds. We are working on a strategy template library that we'd like to build together with industry experts. Something like a Wordpress Themeforest, but then with strategy templates. We already started with our own Startup Metrics Template. Check out for more details. On top of that we have in-app onboarding messages you can check to get you started. You will also receive a couple of Kick-Start e-mails. Check your inbox :-)
@ka23a Small confession: we are using Boardview ourselves (of course ;-) and are using the Startup Metrics Template to run our own business. Even suppliers add and update goals for 100% transparency and commitment.
The tool started out with a simple observation: strategies are hard to implement, goal setting is hardly ever SMART. And so we started with the "Objective Validator" to create rock solid goals and connect them to the right strategy. By applying agile methods to this concept it has become a very simple principle. We call it the Definition of Success. You guessed it: the cousin of the "Definition of Done". "Done" is good. "Success" is better. At least when it comes to marketing strategy :-) Check out this 1-minute explanimation.
I like the 1,2.3 step basis of this - really powerful software made simple - great! The visuals are a big help to me as well --- good to get a global view at a glance. Going to try this out asap.
@samir_doshi Hi Sam, thanks for the compliments. We appreciate that! We have put great effort in making the complex simple, both in business approach as Ux. Glad it works out.
@katie_weiler To make sure you can easily insert goals into the goal tree, we have designed an onboarding kit which is pretty much business driven. There is a pdf version you can use during workshops. We also have a Kick Starter onboarding program, as well as tons of in-app tips and tricks.
@katie_weiler Btw, our users consider the Growth Map (goal tree) as the agile version of the traditional marketing plan; or the "Agile Marketing Plan" if you like.
As a project manager and online marketer, this would be of great value to both our team and clients to 'visually' road-map marketing strategies - along with seeing how effective our campaigns are with metrics. Great idea!