Boards for Trello

One-click access to your Trello Boards

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Hi! Thanks for checking out out my extension! I hope you like it :) Boards for Trello is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to quickly access your Boards on Trello via a handy popup. Let me know if you have any feedback or ideas to improve it!
I've been using this extension for awhile now, as I use Trello for pretty much everything when it comes to task/product management. This extension is simple and easy to use, and has all the necessary keyboard shortcuts to make it super useful. Unlike many extensions, this one is kept up-to-date (good job @paulferrett!) and continues to get better. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I do!
Great idea - have been using Trello to engage with our developers and other teams and it can get quire confusing, difficult to keep track,. So the simpler it can be made the better, will let you know if any more feedback as I use your extension more.