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Hello Hunters! I'm excited to announce that we've recently launched our job search/hiring platform Board for iOS and Android! We know job-hunting is not easy, so we made Board. Board is not a platform with tons of indexed jobs where you can search through and then e-mail a manager. Instead, it’s a place where you can post about yourself, your experiences and skills, and what job positions you are looking for. Employers who are interested can contact you directly through the app. Companies with openings to fill can also create job posts detailing what they need. Board is focused on what's community job searching. Posts on the app are sorted to show the nearest first. Instead of just relying on friends and relatives to tell you there's an opening somewhere, we tap into the community for everyone to help out! We promise that it's going to stay free and won't have those annoying banner ads hanging :) Thanks, William, co-founder Board
Is this for people and companies in the US only?
@hugo_felix_espinosa Board is available worldwide. The app takes the user's location and shows the jobs/potential candidates that are nearby. You will most likely see job posts closer to you, as those are more relevant (usually).
*light-hearted* Will you hire me to work on your iOS app? You're having some autolayout and first responder issues on the login screen. Also, the map screen crashes on load.
@xcadaverx Ouch! That left jab hurt! jk. The map and the first responder should work as intended now. The layout issues will be fixed on the next update. Thanks for pointing those out, Daniel! We did our tests and passed Apple's review, so we thought everything was fine (until you told us, and for free :) :) :) ). Will definitely consider hiring you. Post it on our app!
@williamzhng All in good fun - we all know bugs exist! Glad to see the updates. Best of luck!!
Why would somebody use this over something like LinkedIn? It's already a social network and allows you to post jobs
@scawtent Hey Scott, thanks for asking! We are quite different from LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you build your professional profile. You take part in the social aspects of it and add connections to your profile. The better your professional profile, the more likely you will land jobs, either from peers or from the jobs listing part. Or if you have a strong resume. We focus on the other part. What about those with a less impressive resume? We have students just out from college with a lot of will, but an empty resume. Because Board is more community-based, we help people find jobs around them that they might not be aware of. Sometimes jobs are hard to find, until that one friend of yours tells you his office mate just quit and now they’re looking for someone just like you. And that’s Board - where we make hiring more personal, less formal, but still professional and friendly for everyone =)