We connect peoples' shared experiences through photos

Hey Everyone! I'm Sam, one of the Co-Founders and creators of Blurr. Pumped you guys are here to check out Blurr and provide your feedback and advice :) So, what even is Blurr? I'll keep it short- looking forward to explaining in more detail in the questions. We're an app that allows people to take, view, and instantly share photos with everyone around them. Whether it be at a wedding, concert, or party, we centralize all photos taken on Blurr into one communal feed, giving users access to pictures and moments from immeasurable vantage points. Blurr purely connects people at the same place, at the same time and gives our users a shared experience through photos. Full 'walk-through' details in the App Store description :) Why did we create Blurr in the first place? It started in College as a personal pain point. We were fed up with not having any pictures to go back, view, and remember the incredible times we were experiencing. We literally solved our problem with Blurr. Then we realised we've actually created an app with much, much more value. Blurr is an app that uses technology to bring people having the same shared experience closer together. Social Media is inherently disconnecting the people we're physically with, and we provide a utility to bring people together during their best experiences. We think that's pretty cool, let us know if you think so too!
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I featured Blurr on last week and was shocked to realise it had yet to be hunted after chatting with one of its creators, Sam. It's an awesome app and I can see it becoming incredibly useful for meetups and events.
I love the concept and have yet to see it implemented as well as Blurr has done. 👏
@zacherynielson Thanks Zac! Really appreciate the kind words. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on other photo-sharing strategies and why you think they maybe haven't succeeded. We're definitely taking a unique approach, but interested to hear from you what you see as being so different. Thanks again!
@sam_marley Looks like an interesting product. Have you got a plan to get around explicit/abusive photos being shared?
@johnsteerfowler John thanks for interest in Blurr! Be interested to hear more of your thoughts as you test the app out 😊. We currently have a report option where a certain amount of unique reports will delete the photo. User also have the option to block an individuals users photo for that individual Blurr. Although as there aren't profiles or friends you don't know who you're blocking - just you don't like their picture and you don't want to see them anymore so you can block them
@sam_marley thanks for the reply, appreciate it. It's nice to hear you have considered abuse to some extent. I am a little worried about privacy, especially since it's based on location, common scenarios could involve people who know each other (I'm thinking schools, workplaces, social venues here). With growth and success, you would find yourself quickly needing to implement privacy features, so it's a good idea to consider them early.
@johnsteerfowler hey John, fancy seeing you here. Just touching on what you've said - I too had some thoughts about the location side of things. Maybe limiting the Blurr radius to just Facebook friends should be an option (if it isn't already). That way, events can stay relatively private and safe. Just my two cents!
@ryanheybourn @sam_marley yeah, that might go some way to circumventing privacy issues. I picture future issues in schools with opening up potential new bullying channels. Photos can go viral at a school fast enough when you have to physically send it to someone, let alone when it's automatically done for you in a convenient radius. Something to consider
@ryanheybourn Hey Ryan by the way!
Love the idea. Love the team. Great work all around!
@tyler_swartz Thanks Tyler, really appreciate it! Great to hear from a Blurr fan, and looking forward to continually improving and building on the the product!