A new social drinking game for every party 🍻

Blur - The Drinking Game has launched!
The app introduces a new type of drinking game. It's really simple. Write in the names of the players, choose the pack you want to play and start the fun!
The game has over 1500+ different questions and challenges.
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Sounds like fun. Too bad I finished college...
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@robert_finegold It is! No problem, the game is designed to fit at every party, regardless of your age. As long as you enjoy drinking with friends, and are a bit tired of all the conventional drinking games, I think you might enjoy this app as well! Thanks for your comment
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What an awesome game/concept!! I think it can have the same appeal as king cup, cards against humanity, etc. Also convenient because you just have to bring your phone and not remember to bring a physical game to a party. Great job!
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@mack_allen Thank you Mack! I agree with you, the app is definitly a supplement to these kind of games. There are other products on the market that encourage you to buy a pack of custom cards for the drinking game, but these tend to disappear after a good night out. With the app you always have the drinking game in your pocket, and you'll never lose it! Thanks for your comment
So we originally created this game in Norwegian. We saw a problem where all the drinking games on app where on English, so we had to translate the questions as we went on. This became increasingly difficult as we got more and more drunk, and the English got harder to translate. We made a Norwegian app, which did really well here in Norway! Many of our users commented that the content was much better than the English versions out there. We then decided to try to go for the big leagues, creating an English version of our app. We contacted a skilled copy writer which polished my translation, and we are really happy how it turned out. The challenge we face is trying to convince (especially) Americans that apps can be used while drinking. We think most americans play beerpong or other "physical" drinking games while partying, but we want to show them that in 2019, it's just as fun on an app! What do you think, is America and the world ready to play their drinking games on an app?
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How does this differ from Picolo?
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Hahah sounds very fun, loved it!