Obscure and expire private photos in iMessage

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Hello Product Hunt! This is Zouhair from Keepsafe. Today we’re happy to share Blur, a new iMessage privacy app from Keepsafe, with the Product Hunt community. Our mission at Keepsafe is to help keep the personal private. More than 10 million people use our apps on iOS to lock and protect private photos, videos, and important documents. When Apple announced an app platform for iMessage with iOS10, we realized Keepsafe could help people message photos privately. Right now, it’s too easy for others to catch a glimpse of personal photos in iMessage conversations and notifications that are meant for your eyes only. Blur obscures photos you send and receive so you can message images discreetly. Pictures stay blurred in conversations and notification pop-ups. You have to tap photos to see images clearly, and your friends need Blur to do the same. You can even set photos to expire with Blur. These photos can’t be forwarded or saved to the camera roll so you have more control over who sees what. Our team is excited to answer your questions on Product Hunt today, and we hope you’ll check out BLUR on the App Store for iMessage
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@zouhairb Dare I ask: What was the motivation behind making this...
@bentossell what's the motivation for wanting privacy? It's wanting to control who sees things that have to do with you and your life... and what those things might mean to you or say about you. In the case of photos, maybe you might be embarrassed if someone saw something you sent by accident. With messaging, photo notifications pop up everywhere and the human eye is really good at recognizing imagery even if it's visible only briefly. So now with Blur you can control what the "receiving experience" is going to be. effectively you can send a photo "face down" instead of "face up". we give you that control.
@zouhairb yeah totally get it. Curious as to why you chose the angle shown in your screenshots as opposed to another example of privacy?
@zouhairb @bentossell "effectively you can send a photo "face down" instead of "face up". we give you that control." Great line.
@bentossell our research and our experience show that content privacy in messaging is most relevant to people in relationships. So we created screenshots that are relatable. There are different motivations why you need privacy. Fear of embarrassment is a major one. I hope that the screenshots communicate that a bit. There are obviously other motivators, especially for people who think about privacy in a business or in a policy context. However, day-to-day for consumers, we think having control of your own image is something the majority of people will relate to.
This will totally solve the problem of all those embarrassing naked cat pics my wife sends. Awesome!
@liquidchickenqq I think cats are often more embarrassed with pants on.
Keepsafe has been keeping files private for a long time. It only makes sense that they would bring private photo sharing to iMessage!
@tomazstolfa thanks, we're really excited about giving people more privacy control right in iMessage.
Great product integration into iMessage. Congrats to the team on the very fast implementation into the new iMessage functions !
@tueni Thank you. How was the on boarding flow for you?
I've been beta testing the app, and I love how well it works. It's a sleek integration. I've found that Blur and some of these new iMessage integrations give me added freedom to just be me when I'm texting close friends.
@salomemagazine thanks for beta testing and your feedback. Was real helpful.