A colourful game for your iPhone and iPad :)

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Serkan Köse
Serkan KöseMaker@serkankose · Co-Founder @inploid @lenasoftware
Some magazine news from team.. During development of 100 levels, we spent 30 nights in the dark nearly without sleep. During testing, we broke 2 iPhone screens (just kidding :)). During development of game, team wrote 25142 messages over Facebook Messenger to each other. During the sound and music discovery Burhan had temporary hearing problems for a while. During the whole processes team have 1380 fun moments with little smileys and 24 times laugh like a crazy (mostly after hours of work :) and mostly at night). During the AppStore Review Process, team dreamed 439 times about the huge crowd playing blup like a crazy. End of magazine news.. Have fun..
Steven W
Steven W@mrwongsteven · Nice guys finish lunch.
@serkankose love the gameplay and design. great job
Serkan Köse
Serkan KöseMaker@serkankose · Co-Founder @inploid @lenasoftware
4 people. 2 of them were colourblind. They don't give up and BLUP is rising now :).. A colourful game for everyone (even for colourblind people :))..
Serkan Kagan Celik
Serkan Kagan Celik@naxer · Co-Founder @mentornity
Simple design, nice colors and enjoyable playing! Congrats @serkankose
Müge Çevik
Müge Çevik@mugecvk · Müge Çevik
this game is really funny . congratulations and keep going !!
Muhammed Tüfekyapan
Muhammed Tüfekyapan@mtufekyapan · Founder @LeanMarketingCo
My new addictive game! :) Congratulations!