Dress pants that don't wrinkle

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We're happy to ship to Italy! We charge $20 for overseas shipping, and $25 to Canada.
@stefanloble wonderful. I'm thinking about it, but will probably wait till I come in the US next year. BTW: do you plan to have any improvements on the bluffworks product line? What are the key elements you're looking for the next pants?
@andrea_sdl In terms of next pants, we are working a more casual version of these. Where the current pant has a grain appearance more like wool, we'll do a casual chino next, but with the same capability to go a bunch of days wrinkle free. After that, there's lots to do beyond pants!
@stefanloble really excited for these. As someone who is always looking to shrink his closet - I'll be buying one of these shortly
Awesome pants, created by @stefanloble they had an awesome kickstarter campaign. I recently discovered them and I'm super-eager to try them (although shipping to italy might be a burden). Love how they are wrinkle free and they quick-dry.