An easy to use and secure Bitcoin wallet for iOS

Crafted for iOS and Bitcoin users.

Opensource, you can build it and run it on your own! You control your private keys. On top of iOS multi-layer encryption, we encrypt everything with added passwords. Fake decryption password, password which decrypts fake wallets if you are forced to disclose your access. SegWit ready!

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Hi guys thanks for the upvotes and comments so far, really appreciate it! I wanted to tell you a bit more about our product and to share my personal thoughts on this area :) We are pretty much in stealth mode developing the product and trying to figure how to do it. "Figuring it out" is the keyword here and the reason we decided to show you guys our product here at PH. We need your feedback to keep improving it. The user experience and usability concepts on bitcoin are still young and in a very immature stage. Our goal is to bring innovation on this area and bring simplicity for the every day user and new bitcoin users. Which is hard to do, most of the concepts are based on QR codes, long unreadable number addresses and expressions we are not used to, like broadcasting the TXHEX :D Anyway, I believe the UX challenge is a very interesting one, on top of a completely new tech that will change the way value is exchange between individuals for ever. Any feedback, idea, suggestion, feeling or violent reaction :) much appreciated. Cheers and keep building,
Nice work @nvcoelho & team! I love how you realize that UX patterns & concepts in crypto are universally immature. It’s something I’ve thought about but not enough. I’m looking forward to how you take on such a task with BlueWallet. What has been the most challenging part of the UX so far?
Hey! I like your app, both visual and tech parts are nice! The only thing, I'd prefer the icon to be without any inscriptions. Probably, you can make it more dynamic by, let's say, diagonal rearranging of these three multi-coloured wallet compartments.
@ivanmikhnenkov Thanks for the feedback. I agree, we liked the initial concept without any text on it. But then we felt it was too simple or at least on the start we wanted to make it clear what it was. I guess we will try different ones, the concept itselft is solid, then we can try with inscriptions, different ones, without and see what works best.
@nvcoelho You're welcome! Have a couple of thoughts about icon. Blue looks great with yellow-gold color. In this case it needs darker background, so colors of compartments can be reversed. Gold on the dark-blue background is posh choice! I guess, it's especially relevant color in the case of wallet ;) Also, you can try some kind of coin element instead of inscription. It could say directly that what this app is about and doesn't suffer from not being translated in comparison to inscription. So, best wishes!
@ivanmikhnenkov thanks for the suggestion. Loved the gold idea :)
Hello there!
@overtorment Hi, the app looks gr8. And he fact that its open source give me a good like a feeling :-). There are many wallet out there. What the next plan ? to add more coins ?
@shakks Thanks for the feedback! We are focusing on the only cryptocurrency that matter - Bitcoin. Right now we are working on adding Lightning (layer 2 solution) support which will provide instant low-fee transaction. In general, the plan is not to compete with other wallets, but to onboard nocoiners, give them easy way to start with Bitcoin and their own financial freedom.
I am always supportive of decentralized and open-source products in crypto. The only thing I would love to see play out for a wallet service is the integration of some kind of "security contract" that would be attached with a payment so that when for example, someone gets paid in crypto he/she does not suffer as a result of the market volatility. The project I'm involved with right now is tackling that issue as a means of helping higher crypto usability for payments that can and will only come once we're able to separate price volatility and token utility.