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get it helps you follow-up with email leads automatically.

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  • Andrew Sheves
    Andrew ShevesRisk manager and founder at

    Easy to set up and great Zapier integrations makes it easy to get email sequences under control.


    I'll tell you later when I've found the limitations.

    I've got Bluetick working in coordination with Gmail / Streak so as prospects move through my pipeline they get added to the appropriate email sequence and that's it. The emails go out without the hassle I had before of tracking who was sent what when and who did (or didn't) respond. Everything's in my Gmail mailbox but actually processed, tracked and organized.

    So far, Bluetick has saved me hours and hours of work but, more importantly has helped me write to the right people at the right time and not write to the wrong people at the wrong time.

    I can see multiple uses for Bluetick and plan to switch a number of other sequences (such as onboarding emails) over as I feel much more in control of what's going on compared to an ESP.

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Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonHunter@mijustin · ⚡️
We're all sending email hoping to get results: - Podcasters send emails to potential guests and sponsors - Job hunters send emails to employers - SaaS owners send emails to folks they'd like to partner with Best selling author Keith Ferrazzi once said: "Follow-up is the key to success in any field." But most of us don't follow up! @singlefounder's new app, Bluetick, automates email follow-ups. What I like about it is you don't have to keep a mental list of "who do I need to follow-up with again?" It just happens, automatically. 👍
Silvio Porcellana
Silvio Porcellana@silvioporcellan · Solopreneur
Great product, a wonderful example of effectiveness in a nutshell. Used it for months for reaching out to blogs and authors during a guest blogging campaign - the conversion rates were incredible and my efforts minimal thanks also to the power of followup of this tool. Definitely recommended (plus - Mike really is a great guy! 😉)
Mike Taber
Mike TaberMaker@singlefounder · Entrepreneur, Moon River Software
@silvioporcellan Thanks Silvio!
JD Crabtree
JD Crabtree@jd_yaguara · Yaguara + Huge Dire Straits fan
Awesome! Where did you think of the name?
Mike Taber
Mike TaberMaker@singlefounder · Entrepreneur, Moon River Software
@jd_yaguara There's a bit of an explanation of that at the bottom of the About page here: The personal connection is that my grandfather was a farmer and he had a bluetick coonhound named Old Blue that helped keep the raccoons from ravaging his cornfields. He'd set it loose and it would track them down. (the product) operates on the same basic principle. You set it loose on your prospects or sales leads and it will track them down. When it finds them & they respond, it backs off and lets you take over the conversation.
Menachem Pritzker
Menachem Pritzker@mdavep · CEO, TheHomeFixers
Looks interesting... what makes it different than every other email service? Would like to see a feature comparison to mailshake or lemlist.
Mike Taber
Mike TaberMaker@singlefounder · Entrepreneur, Moon River Software
@mdavep There's a lot of similarities, for sure. A few things that Bluetick gives you that most competitors don't are: 1) Fine-grained control over timing: In Bluetick, you can set steps to be triggered on a specific minute of the day rather than just a ranged time period. Sending an email at 7:12am looks a lot more organic than something that's batched between 8am-10am, for example. Emails sent at the top of the hour look *suspicious* in our brains, as do emails sent *exactly* 3 days later at the same time of day, though we might not be fully conscious of that. 2) Task approvals: Bluetick allows you to either automatically send the followup or create a task for you to approve before it sends the next email. This also allows you to manually customize each email before it goes out. You can also simply approve it using the base template or mark it as having reached whatever goal you needed (for example, maybe you spoke with them on the phone already and don't need to send the followup). 3) Bluetick synchronizes with your mailbox via IMAP every 10-15 minutes. This allows it to support any mail server (Gmail/G-Suite/Exchange/Office 365/Fastmail/etc). This prevents emails from being missed because we're not relying on a third party to identify new emails. We also do a complete scan of every folder on each synchronization. If you receive a response, we'll see it no matter where it ended up. 4) Out of Office/Autoresponder detection: We use algorithms to automatically determine if a reply received was from an Autoresponder or is an Out of Office response. These aren't *real* replies, so Bluetick won't remove the Contact from the Sequence when those are detected. 5) Lightweight CRM: Allows you to associate multiple email addresses with a single Contact. 6) Sequence Buffer: Queue up hundreds or thousands of contacts into the Sequence. The Sequence Buffer can move X contacts into Step 1 of the Sequence each day at the specified time so you don't have to. This also helps you play nice with your mail provider. 7) Email aliases: Send from multiple email addresses whose responses all filter back into the same mailbox(IMAP server) 8) Contacts can be in multiple Sequences: We do reply matching based on the specific email that was sent, not just the email address. This allows us to handle replies from different email addresses. It also lets you add a contact to multiple sequences at the same time and only remove the contact from the sequence you received a reply from. This works really well to help automate a sales funnel. Those are the most notable ones. There are a ton of little differences too, I'm sure.
Kyle Conarro
Kyle Conarro@conarro · Co-Founder @ Ad Reform / Userfeed
Big fan of the Startups for the Rest of Us podcast (and hoping to attend Microconf next year). Haven't used the product but love what @singlefounder is doing for the community (and @robwalling of course)