BlueStacks 2

Run any mobile app on PC.

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This is intriguing... Couple of questions: - How does multitouch work? Most games use touch. - Does it work for iOS or only Android? - Is this virtualization or how is it built exactly? Thank you this seems like it could be fun to play games on just want to get how it works.
Thank you for the Hunt @fighto. Shashi (@skant) and I are here to answer any questions you may have. A couple really cool things we want to highlight: - Multi-Tasking via Tabs - The BlueStacks 2 version lets you multitask to your heart's delight - Chat in one tab, Play in another tab, Stream videos in a third tab, Play Multiple Games... the possibilities are endless. - Introducing Welcome Tab & Android Tab with country specific content: The Welcome tab lets you discover the most popular apps around the globe. Through Android tab you can install and run all your favourite apps. - Side Toolbar added on the app player will now allow users to easily access many features like Rotate App, Share Files between Windows and BlueStacks, Copy/Paste, Install Apk, Provide Location, etc.
I used BlueStacks (1 I guess?) a year back but it was laggy. Is this version any better? I mainly used it to test the Android version of some in-development apps. I guess I'll try it out again.
Hey @tomharari, Thanks for giving us a shot a year ago. I can confidently say that over the last year we have significantly improved performance and user experience. We added software optimizations for the most popular Android apps which now allows high-demand apps to run smoother with lower memory requirements. We also added features that now provide a better experience than you would otherwise get on your phone. If you plan on testing anymore apps, we've made it easy to load APKs using the new toolbar on the left side of the application. You can drag and drop the APK onto the client or simply press the APK button. You can even double-click the APK from your desktop to launch it in BlueStacks. The other major difference is that you can now run multiple apps simultaneously. So while testing your app, you can go ahead and use messenger apps or play games without interrupting any one application.
Thanks so much for A2A @akanksha1105, We use the touch capability on Windows devices like Surface Pro 4 and hook it up to Android touch sub-system to give users a seamless and native experience. Only support Android apps(Most iOS apps are on Android) At the core, we use virtualization technology to bring Android on PC and Mac but with BlueStacks 2 we have added a slew of highly requested features like multi-tasking and quick action toolbar. Happy BlueStacking!
I'm on OSX and i test few old BlueStacks versions there. I couldn't run them at all. On PC everything works. Do you plan to support sooner or later OSX?
Hi @peternikolow, We released a brand new BlueStacks version for Mac on July 1st, 2015. It's currently live on our site for Mac users. Prior to this release, the only Mac update we had out was an Alpha version. Give this new version a try. In the meantime, we're working on bringing all of our new features and functionality from BlueStacks 2 to our Mac users.