Bluesmart: Black Edition

A connected suitcase with GPS, a weight sensor, and charger

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Hi there! I'm one of the founders of @Bluesmart. Happy to answer any questions about the Black Edition
Some other high-end luggage companies like Briggs and Riley offer Lifetime Warranties [1] on their bags - would you ever consider something like this for @Bluesmart? I feel like for such a large purchase a guarantee like that would make the buying decision easier. [1]
@shep_ben @bluesmart thanks Ben. As we are just getting started we are offering a 2 year warranty, but I can give you my word that our support will be excellent for a lifetime. We are truly committed to being customer centric
Aviation approved? At least in China the battery packs are rejected from being checked in.
@joyxyc Yichao, it's compliant with all international airline regulations. The fact that the battery is "installed" makes it approved, we communicate the details on a badge on the bottom. Users have traveled through China thousands of times already without any problem.
@dsaezgil cool thanks for the info!
@dsaezgil @joyxyc So is the Bluesmart battery non-removable? A couple of weeks ago in Beijing they confiscated our two battery banks/packs. Apparently they're not allowed in the *checked* luggage.
@guillermovs @joyxyc Guillermo, yes, is not removable which is what FAA requires. Again, there isn't a problem in China with Bluesmart set up
@dsaezgil @joyxyc Are you guys working in Hong Kong sometimes? I've heard a lot of good things about the product. Congrats launching Black Edition!
Congrats @dsaezgil! Which updates in the Black Edition do you and the team consider to be the most exciting / substantial?
@calc Thanks Chris!! The materials inside are amazing, one of my favorite things
I love the concept and the design. How long will I be able to track my bag on a full battery?
@robrtanthony Robert, up to 30 days. Glad that you love the concept!