World's first smart, connected carry-on luggage (pre-launch)

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As likely many members of the PH community know, I'm a big believer in travel and spend a lot of time looking at this segment. @dsaezgil stopped by a few weeks ago to show me a new product he and a few friends have been working on, to help deal w. the headaches of common travel: simple but powerful luggage that makes traveling easy but smart enough to know you as well as well as your travel needs. That's Bluesmart, a connected carry-on that pairs w. your phone.
@daveambrose @dsaezgil this is completely brilliant. I was wondering when someone was going to do this. Great execution too.
@davemorin @daveambrose @dsaezgil thanks a lot Dave! An honor coming from you.
Love it, just supported. Have dealt with lost luggage and overweight fees so this is a great idea. Is there a backpack coming out in the future?
@FrankDenbow thanks a lot Frank!! Yes, we will do a backpack for sure!! Stay tuned! :)
@dsaezgil @FrankDenbow +1 to the backpack, especially if you can keep it as light as the suitcase! I got a chance to see the prototype last week and it's fantastic.
@gillianim @dsaezgil @FrankDenbow thanks Gillian! We will definitely consider it on our roadmap! And yes guys if you want to check out the proto we have it in NY
Talk about making luggage "sexy" this looks fantastic
@KristoferTM thanks a lot Kris!!! That makes us so happy. :)
Thanks @DaveAmbrose! We are super excited. I will be here doing an AMA in one hour. Looking forward to get the feedback from the community.
everything is being connected to your phone now. It is all happening to soon :) the idea is fantastic, mainly for the tracking and built in scale. the two problems you always face as a frequent traveller. This will take luggage to a whole new level! I think It should also be for different bag sizes, and not just carry ons. this way you can have all your bags connected to your phone, have a count of them, so when they are being collected. add features like where you have packed what, if you need to retrieve them quickly. @dsaezgil do you think you can scale it to not be just with your carry on bag?
@k_roushdy Karim, totally, it's on the product roadmap. The idea is learn from you the awesome community of tech-savvy travelers, and then develop additional products. Thanks a lot for your comments and happy to hear more ideas!! :)
@dsaezgil as a frequent traveller, a lot of ideas pop in my head for this! this can be done with all different sort of bags. it could even have bag packing assist, with tips and tricks as an extra. would love to keep in touch :D