BlueLight 2.0

Smartest way to get emergency help, on or off campus

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Hey folks, founder here, happy to answer any questions about what we've changed, how people use BlueLight, and the design challenges we've needed to solve. This includes designing something to be as reliable as 911, ensuring people remember BlueLight (teaser: 12% of users have BlueLight on their lockscreen), and how we position ourselves so we're a source of reassurance in someone's everyday life. In short, the new version of BlueLight is a service that is better than dialing 911 from your smartphone. It routes you to the closest help (private or public) based on wherever you are and gives them essential information to power a better emergency response. Right now, college campuses are our sweet spot and I'm going to try and get one of our partners, Marquette University, into the discussion. If you want to hear a funny story that also shows the magic of Product Hunt, read what happened when someone posted us as 'Uber for Dangerous situations' in September of 2014. This was way before we had product ready to show.
It's Déjà vu to see BlueLight on PH again, this time in a different context. I'm the guy Preet references in his Medium post about getting connected to Marquette University via Product Hunt. I can vouch for the whole experience, especially how I tested it live for the first time in a meeting with our VP for Strategic Planning, Public Safety chief, etc. The tone in the room went from skepticism to awe when it instantly connected me to our emergency dispatch and notified them of my location. Anyway, I'm happy to answer specific questions about why we chose to promote this service for our campus, how students use it or how I use it. I also recommend this article for the experience of one of our students:
congrats @preetnation ! great to see you have the lock screen now. That will make the difference in keeping top of mind. Are there any day to day reasons to use the app other than in case of emergency? What changes have you seen in the usage data with this version?
Awesome question. In their day to day life, people are using BlueLight for three main use cases: 1) Walking/driving home at night and have the app open or letting someone know they are in motion 2) Road trips and giving people a heads up of their whereabouts 3) Lastly, for some people it's there for a very significant daily benefit: reassurance That being said, we are routing many emergency calls per week already - so people are remembering to use us.
Congrats on being hunted @preetnation! So, something I still can't figure out that I'm curious about - how do you set up a campus in two hours? How do you send location information to dispatch - is it over audio during the call, or are they plugged in via a web or mobile app to receive the info?
@preetnation @andrew_dietrich I really cannot give away too much of our "secret sauce", but we have the data sources, internal tools and procedures to do this in house. Regarding location information, you are correct, we use the voice channel to deliver it right now. This way, we don't require any upfront integration. A dispatcher's console is very much on our roadmap.