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BlueCrew is a web-based platform that makes it faster and easier for companies to find compliant, on-demand workers. We give companies and workers the flexibility and transparency of an on-demand workforce without the liability and shortcomings of a contractor model. Unlike other on-demand services all our workers are employees: more complexity for us and more protection for our customers and our workers We focus on staffing warehouse workers, general laborers, movers, data entry positions, and delivery drivers. We believe hard work makes us stronger and that anyone who wants to work, should be able to work.
Really cool model, admirable that you're working to change the standard of using 1099 contractors. Best of luck!
@cahlykellah Thanks Carly! We are currently serving multiple clients using an employee model. We provide worker's compensation, pay for unemployment taxes and take care of all the bureaucracy. The cool thing is that we still provide our workforce with the highest possible level of flexibility: schedule, job type, job location :)
@cahlykellah Thanks! Comes just in time for yesterday's Uber's ruling. If anyone has questions about the impacts of this ruling and the hiring of contract workers, feel free to ask!
Hey guys, if you have any question, feel free to ask :) BlueCrew is unlike any other on-demand services: all our workers are employees, not contractors. This means more complexity for us BUT more protection both for our customers and our workers
This is amazing. Hiring temp workers is notoriously difficult and you guys make it super easy, while also making it more appealing from a moral standpoint as well. Awesome work!
@goddamnyouryan Thanks for the positive feedback Ryan! All 4 of us have had experience working as or hiring temp workers and we feel there is massive room for improvement in this space from a hiring perspective. We strive to empower our workers so that they are part of a team and not just a cog in the machine.
Love the concept. This is where the ondemand workforce is heading, especially If the Uber ruling holds up. Great that you guys are doing it voluntarily; huge benefit to your employees and customers! Best of luck, Great job.
@tycrollins Thanks Tyler :) We think that workers and customers deserve a better service!