Blue Sky Paint

Draw on the sky with friends ✏️⛅️

Blue Sky Paint is a fun way to draw on the sky in augmented reality!

- Draw with other users in real-time

- See drawings from other users around the world

- Take one-of-a-kind photos with your drawings

- Leave your mark wherever you go

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Aidan WolfMaker@aidan · Bringing AR to the people.
👋 Hi Product Hunt! The idea behind Blue Sky Paint has been floating around our heads since last Summer, but it wasn't until a weekend breakthrough this July that @kevando_ & I @aidan knew we had to make this app a reality. Today, I'm incredibly excited to share Blue Sky Paint (or what we affectionately call BS Paint), a social augmented reality app that lets you draw on the sky for all to see. Say hi, draw a smiley, give a shoutout to your company or school, or simply scribble, and watch in realtime as others around you do the same! 🙏🏻 Special thank you to @_LucasRizzotto for collaborating on the app and the trailer, and @k_v_113 for our wonderful app icon and for the countless morale-boosting drawing videos. 😻 I'm going to draw a giant glasshole sky kitty over the SF bay tomorrow, who wants to join me?!
Tibo Vincent-Ducimetière@tttiiibbbooo · Global Designer & Marketing @Voodoo
@kevando_ @aidan @_lucasrizzotto @k_v_113 Awesome!! I'm definitely painting Paris sky tonight. Wish the app icon looked like the drawing in the presentation, would be much more outstanding in the App Store and on my phone screen!
Aidan WolfMaker@aidan · Bringing AR to the people.
@tttiiibbbooo So excited! I know there's a couple more users in Paris @yesnoornext @osfalmer @marie_dm_ who may join you! Thank you!
龍 lilea@lilealab · Architectural Visualization
@aidan I tried it immediately. Awesome AR technology and ideas! By the way, Undo seems to be possible by shaking the iPhone, Is there a way to delete sketches drawn before?
Aidan WolfMaker@aidan · Bringing AR to the people.
@lilealab Hi, thank you!! No delete feature (yet)
Marie Denis@marie_dm_ · 👩🏻‍💻 • 📖
@tttiiibbbooo @yesnoornext @osfalmer @aidan Unfortunately we're not in Paris anymore but we'll decorate the sky everywhere we'll go :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is like MS Paint in AR 👏🏼
Aidan WolfMaker@aidan · Bringing AR to the people.
@rrhoover Exactly! BS Paint is definitely an ode to that beautiful cornerstone of my childhood 😻
Probably the most original app of the year. Really cool! I was lucky to be one of the beta testers and left some drawings in various places 😎️
Aidan WolfMaker@aidan · Bringing AR to the people.
@pugson Wow, thank you Pug! 🙀 Enjoyed seeing your drawings pop up on our map throughout the beta!
We in the future now.
Aidan WolfMaker@aidan · Bringing AR to the people.
Ramy Al-Kadhi@ramy_alkadhi · Co-Founder of Calio.
I adore this, think people will have a lot of fun here. For me, just drawing on the sky is use case enough. Love it!
Aidan WolfMaker@aidan · Bringing AR to the people.
@ramy_alkadhi Thank you Ramy!! Hope so, I'm excited to see what you draw!!