Blue Feed, Red Feed

See liberal and conservative Facebook, side by side. By WSJ.

By now everyone's heard of the investigation into Facebook's curation of the news, kicked off by this Gizmodo article reporting that Facebook employees routinely suppressed conservative news. The "filter bubble" should be a real concern as the web becomes more personalized (and increasingly, the web is where we'll spend more and more of our time). Eli Pariser has a great TED Talk about this, from 2011:
Here's more on WSJ's methodology.
@rrhoover Nice work by WSJ to increase awareness to censorship. Also, it's sad what the Internet became over time.
Is there a version of this which lets us put in our own queries?
@gavin_ovsak Hey Gavin, not at this time. We're keeping an eye on the news, and will continue to add topics. Send any suggestions my way!