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Date celebrities (from Twitter) discreetly 💕

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If look you past the initial exclusivity, BLUE is hinting at something critical to our future with the internet: Verifiable Digital Citizenship. The Twitter blue tick may seem elitist to those without it (myself included), but it's a great way to ensure human authenticity. I hope we continue to find ways to manufacture digital citizenship and work it in within our online services. We need it. That said, I suggest ditching "Date Celebrities Discreetly" as you're undermining the true, sustainable value of your product. A BuzzFeed Reporter is anything but a celebrity.
@kleinkleinklein Thanks Matt, this is exactly what BLUE is all about: authenticity. "You are, who you say you are." It's the #1 concern in the dating space right now and BLUE goes some way to solving that. It's not the ideal and we'll be working to address the 'elitist' tag through our comms and up-coming feature releases. And if we can help Twitter grow their verified user-base that's a good thing for both of us I feel! Ah yes, the strapline 😳 ... we toyed with it for days and conceded to get the exposure (and critical mass needed to make BLUE a success) we needed that media hook!
@kleinkleinklein @daigo_smith hi guys I have the app and it never verified me.. any thoughts on how to do it?
Hi all, A fun tagline but we’re serious about BLUE as a safer, more private way to date, for those of you that need a little more, ahem, discretion! The catch: you'll need a Twitter blue tick to join Loveflutter’s premium swiping app. Elitist? That’s not our aim. We want to make dating safer in an era of catfishing. With 200k accounts authenticated by government-issued photo id, Twitter’s verified community is the largest pool of 100% real users online, anywhere. As on Loveflutter’s basic version swipe pics, Twitter timelines and more on profiles. Rolling out in 5 cities: London, San Fran, LA, New York & Tokyo. Me and @dstanden here for questions!
This is a great idea! I am not sure about the branding though, the color blue does not really inspire romance & love.
@iamtekeste there was only one colour choice for a dating app for the Blue Tick Community, maybe we need some work on the shade though @dstanden? 😜l
What's the point of this? Why would anyone care? Martin Shkreli had a blue check by his name on Twitter.
@andym_dc Not familiar with this guy, but I guess Martin Shrkreli was the real Martin Shrkreli? That's the point of BLUE. Or did he spoof Twitter's verification system?
@daigo_smith Google him. It's not about being the real Martin Shkreli, it's about meeting a subjective definition of 'celebrity.' Which is no indication of quality of character, as evidenced by Martin Shkreli! I also notice neither you nor your co-founder have blue checks. So you can't use your own product? Or is this a way to score some "TwitterCeleb" dates?!
So is it still location based?