Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Delicious coffee, fresh-roasted, delivered to you.

#2 Product of the DayOctober 18, 2015
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Hey everyone! I'm Scott Rocher, and I work on digital products at Blue Bottle. Our goal is to deliver delicious fresh-roasted coffee to your doorstep, hand-picked by our thoughtful team at Blue Bottle. We travel the world, create relationships with farmers, carefully roast beans, and ship them to you directly, wherever you might be. We look forward to being your guide as you explore and learn about coffee. Feel free to contact us for questions about the subscription, brewing, our website, or Blue Bottle's network of cafes in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo.
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@rochers hey looks super interesting. Do you deliver to Israel? Also would love to talk coffee. I have a coffee map that soon will allow users to buy coffee from their favourite places. Check out
Hi @rochers Can you tell more about this and the fact that you bought Tonx one year ago?
@vincenzor I was previously the CTO at Tonx and have been with Blue Bottle for over a year and a half. Through working with the Blue Bottle team, I can confidently say that our subscription product experience is better in every way. We have many more options for coffees, delivery cadence, and size. We are able to roast and ship high quality Blue Bottle coffees nearly every day of the week. We have a talented team of software engineers, product managers, designers, and customer service reps that work hard every day to improve the website experience and add features to make it more and more effortless to get great coffee to anyone who wants it.
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@rochers thx for the answer :)
WOW @rochers this is exciting! I think of Blue Bottle as trying to ensure the brand maintains the feeling of small batch, hand-picked coffee (and experiences in the store)? How will you balance that as you think about scaling via subscription services?
@corleyh Great question -- it's a challenge we take seriously. We're approaching scaling in at least three ways: quality control, freshness standards, and technology. We have a team of professionals that taste every batch of roasted beans, across our four roasting facilities. They aim to keep the taste consistently excellent and true to intent. Every bag of beans ordered online is shipped the same day it is roasted, ensuring that by the time it arrives at your mailbox, you're experiencing our product at its peak of flavor. And technology allows us automate much of the processes involved in getting you coffees you'll love with the best user experience.
This is awesome, now I don't have to trek it to a store to snag some great coffee. One thing that you don't seem to mention anywhere on the site is the ability to cancel whenever. I'm assuming this is possible, but it would definitely be comforting for you to say that on the site itself.
@daniel_schwartz Great feedback. We'll add something this week. You can indeed pause or cancel at any time. BTW - we're big fans of Harry's!
Any chance you'll offer green (raw) coffee bean subscriptions?
@mattcandid We don't have plans to but it's an interesting idea. Do you think there's an audience of home roasters out there that would be interested?