On-demand parking at the drop of a pin

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how come you guys decided to start this service given there are already about ~10 other competitors (Zirx, Luxe, valet anywhere etc etc) ?
@cpwt We are currently partnering with existing valet and parking companies in cities that make sense to expand into. Right now we have plans to open in Seattle, Los Angeles and Nashville in the coming weeks. Our first partner ACE Parking, is currently parking 200,000 cars in 10 states with 3,000 valets, we have plans to add BluCar to each market.
I've used this app. Super slick and nice integration between valet services and your ideal pickup location.
Hey @bradybecker and @nottil - one thing I'm curious on is how you plan to roll Blucar out to additional cities. Any news you want to share there re: where it will be coming next?
Hi @micah! Our initial start is in second tier cities but we're launching a few tier one cities very soon. Yes, the plan is to offer services (car wash, oil change, gas fill up, etc.) on top of parking. One big difference is BluCar strategically works with city officials to provide a safe and legal on-­demand solution, offering a unique safety feature that visually maps ​buildings, safe zones, and hazard areas within the app. If a customer sets a drop-­off pin on a building or hazard area, the app will move the pin to the closest safe zone. This allows for a safe hand-­off between the valet and customer. It also solves the problem of requesting a drop­-off in the center of a building requiring the attendant to circle the block looking for the customer.