A beautifully minimalist 3D physics game.




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Mark Johnson@wmdmark · Interactive designer/founder of Pathwr…
This game is a work of art (and a bit addictive). Great work guys!
Timothy BuckMaker@timothybucksf · Product Manager
Hi @rrhoover 👋 Hope you like our new game! Blox is a beautifully minimalist 3D physics game. Relax and enjoy the peaceful waves and calm sounds as you swipe away blocks from an endless tower. Be sure to keep your gem on top! 😺 Blox is the first game released by Nicer Studio, and we couldn't be more happy with it. We can't wait to hear what you think! You can download it for free on iOS and Android. P.S. It's best when played with sounds.
Ryan McLeod@warpling · ⬛️📲
It's like a beautiful single player Jenga
Timothy BuckMaker@timothybucksf · Product Manager
@warpling love this description of Blox! 😀 So glad you like it.
Atd Smart@atdsmart · ATDStudio - young mobile developer team.
So well design app. Love it!
Andy Chiang@nobutakahemmi
I love these games. Good job!