The smart watering controller (pre-launch)

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Hey all! We've just went live with our product Blossom. Our team has spent the year building this connected device to help stop the over-watering of yards and to make life a little bit easier by giving you control over you sprinklers and watering schedule. Would love feedback and support! Happy to answer any questions as well.
@joshhemsley is this founded by ENVOY or did you guys consult on it? Either way, super impressive device and design.
@marshal thanks man! We're a venture partner. Our team at Envoy handled everything from the industrial design, the apps and website experiences and brand & packaging.
@joshhemsley congrats! Can you share how Blossom is different from Rachio and Greenbox?
"State-of-the-yard technology" love it
This is a device whose time has come. Thanks to @joshhemsley and the Blossom team for tackling the problem with innovative thinking and beautiful design. We need more inventors like you all.
@Chikodi Thanks for the kind words Chikodi!
@joshhemsley We drove over Oroville Lake on a recent road trip. Looking down at the water level was terrifying. Water is our future. You and your team are doing something safeguard it.
Looks really interesting.. And the hardware looks beautiful.
The hardware and site design is probably some of the best I've seen on PH! Amazing work.