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Miikka Jokela
Miikka JokelaHunter@miijok · Full-Stack Growth Marketer | Songwriter
Blooming was featured yesterday on TechCrunch. They are "aiming to help bouncing-off-the-walls-stressed office workers regain control of their lives by using wearable tech. The service includes monitoring and tracking stress levels, plus recommendation software and meditation advice to help give workers the space to stop and smell the roses."
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · CS @ IUT Lannion | Side-projects Lover
Sounds like a really great idea. I am currently trying the Muse Headband and I really like it. The addition of a coach for leaders sounds useful for this product.
Olga Lanova
Olga Lanova@olgalanova
How can it be used? For example, at the meeting, I see that my blood pressure rose. Should I leave the meeting? Or start meditation?
Riku Lindholm
Riku LindholmMaker@rikulindholm · Founder at Meru Health
@olgalanova, hey I'm the founder and COO of Blooming. Most people prefer to meditate in the morning or in the evening. In short we provide a program for companies and we help participants form a mindfulness meditation habit. There is a personal coach who helps participants along the way.
Olga Lanova
Olga Lanova@olgalanova
@rikulindholm thank you, looks that the phrase about "stressed office workers" confused me, and audience is much wider?
Riku Lindholm
Riku LindholmMaker@rikulindholm · Founder at Meru Health
@olgalanova that phrase is a bit unclear for sure. For now our main focus group is leaders.
Gennady Barsky
Gennady Barsky@gennady_barsky · CFO
This is a great idea!
Tarmo Virki
Tarmo Virki@virki · media
Interesting, I wonder will it really be priced $2,500 a month?
Meru Health
Meru Health@bloomingio · An online depression treatment clinic
@virki That was our original pricing. We have changed it a bit. ping for further details :)